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10 reasons to use Twitter when looking for a job

1. Presence: if you’re not on Twitter, you simply don’t exist for anyone searching for candidates on this network.

2. Learning: good use of this network will undoubtedly help you improve in other areas of professional interest to you.

3. Job search: a large number of vacancies are born and die on Twitter. Companies and employment websites publish their vacancies on this network.

4. Communication channel: Twitter should already be a part of your life, even if only as a communication channel.

5. Personal brand: Every professional should enhance their personal brand. This channel is excellent for doing just that.

6. Interaction with head-hunters: many recruitment experts fill vacancies with professionals who are on social media, and they also use it to search for candidates, stay connected and track specific professionals, etc.

7. Twitter and your CV: Twitter is part of your CV. Remember, if you’re not on Google, you don’t exist.

8. If you use Twitter, you know Twitter: Being able to use this network is a skill that many companies recognise.

9. Use of employment tools: certain employment tools can only be used if you have Twitter. For example:;;

10. Mobility: Twitter is the social network best suited to mobile telephones.
Laura Alcaraz Escribano
Development Dep. Human Resources ACCIONA S.A.

Welcome to the new Employment Channel. Re_energize

In keeping with our Re_ campaign, one of the goals of this
channel is to Re_energize. We want to energize students and
professionals to find out about, look into, and get involved with
the ACCIONA project, and turn us into a leading employer.

This new service will allow you to submit your CV and
participate in open selection processes, send offers to your
friends, as well as the possibility of following ACCIONA Empleo
(ACCIONA Employment) on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, and receive
timely information about our new vacancies. This will facilitate
instant, two-way direct communication through your normal social

We also want to promote interaction through this Human Resources
Blog, listening and responding to the interests and concerns of all
professionals interested in the company and the sectors in which we

The Employment Channel also offers you online self-assessment
tools, information about our participation in jobs forums,
employment advice, our selection process, etc.

Check out the section where several company employees came
together to film video testimonials, an experience that ACCIONA
Infrastructures UTE manager Hector Salvador described as,
“gratifying since it’ll convey to future colleagues the impression
that ACCIONA generates in you. And to encourage those who have the
ability to work and desire to improve themselves professionally
with a unique company.” 

Find work on Twitter

Various social networks have sprung up in recent years, many of
which were on the fringe of the business world. Nevertheless, in
many cases, businesses have joined in, considering these to be
appropriate channels for establishing communication or sending
information to their target public, candidates, employees, clients,

We have created ACCIONA Empleo (ACCIONA Employment) on Twitter,
with the goal of facilitating employment with ACCIONA, current
information about vacancies at our different companies, to anyone
interested, with the possibility of viral circulation the Internet
offers. We have also deployed similar initiatives for Facebook

Do you use this type of channel to look for employment
opportunities? Do you prefer traditional methods? What do you think
job searching will be like in the future?