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10 reasons to use Twitter when looking for a job

1. Presence: if you’re not on Twitter, you simply don’t exist for anyone searching for candidates on this network.

2. Learning: good use of this network will undoubtedly help you improve in other areas of professional interest to you.

3. Job search: a large number of vacancies are born and die on Twitter. Companies and employment websites publish their vacancies on this network.

4. Communication channel: Twitter should already be a part of your life, even if only as a communication channel.

5. Personal brand: Every professional should enhance their personal brand. This channel is excellent for doing just that.

6. Interaction with head-hunters: many recruitment experts fill vacancies with professionals who are on social media, and they also use it to search for candidates, stay connected and track specific professionals, etc.

7. Twitter and your CV: Twitter is part of your CV. Remember, if you’re not on Google, you don’t exist.

8. If you use Twitter, you know Twitter: Being able to use this network is a skill that many companies recognise.

9. Use of employment tools: certain employment tools can only be used if you have Twitter. For example:;;

10. Mobility: Twitter is the social network best suited to mobile telephones.
Laura Alcaraz Escribano
Development Dep. Human Resources ACCIONA S.A.

How highly do you value experience?

There is a story about a hare and a tortoise. They challenge each other to a race. The hare has one particularly excellent quality – speed. Even so, will it be enough?  However, the tortoise lacks that quality he is, in fact, rather clumsy and slow by nature. Even so, he accepts the challenge.
Who do you think will win?

The tortoise wins the race:
• he identifies opportunities along the way (small short-cuts)
• he keeps spending under control (controlled energy consumption)
• he has experience (contact with the real world)
• he plans ahead, estimates how long it will take him to reach the finishing line.

The hare loses the race:
o His over-confidence distracts him from the goal
o He ignores his adversary because of his own skill and speed
o He doesn’t plan ahead and gets lost trying to find the right path He progresses by trial and error
o He gets to the finishing line but slowly and not without difficulty

Only those who are capable of converting their knowledge and past experience into practical results achieve their goals and obtain success in all their endeavours.

Laura Alcaraz Escribano
Development Dep. Recursos Humanos ACCIONA S.A.