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7 Advices for first day at work

One of the moments which could cause nervousness is the first day at work. To feel part of a company, as elsewhere, takes time, so a good starting is a point in favour.

In the event that you have doubts about what to do, we provide you some advices that will help you to face this day in the most competent way.

1. Be informed about the company: knowing about their business is always valuable, because is a sign that you are attentive and an interested person. This point will help you to understand some conversations where you will participate in that day.

2. Rest: Even if you’re nervous the day before, try to go to sleep as soon as you can, because lack of sleep is a negative factor for attention and mood.

3. Do not delay: For a good starting, study the route in detail and leave home with plenty of time in advance. To arrive before is better than making the person who will receive you wait.

4. Bring a notepad: being prepared to take notes is advisable during this day. Surely, you will feel that you are receiving a lot of information, so you will appreciate to have notes which help you to remember things later. Anyway, do not worry if you need to ask, your workmates also lived this experience and do not have problems to help you.

5. Ask for schedules: knowing what time your workmates eat is a way to engage with them and immerse yourself in the culture of the company. It is also important to know if the company keeps the same schedule during holiday periods.

6. Read company policy: Surely, the first day do not start with the tasks entrusted to your work position, so taking some time to read the company’s corporate documents will help to future possible queries.

7. Be grateful: Education is always an important value in human relationships, so please thank people when they help you or report on a topic. The fact that people see you as an educated person will improve their relationships with you.


Ana Gómez Regidor
Development Departament, Acciona S.A.

10 tips for a successful job interview

1. Be prepared
In an interview, the interviewer needs to notice a genuine interest on your part. If you want to demonstrate that interest, there is nothing better than devoting enough time to prepare the interview. This fact is the difference between good and not so good applicants.

2. Don’t forget paper copy of your CV (without crumpling)
It can be used as the guide for your explanation. If the interviewer has not printed the CV, you can always offer it to him/her.

3. Rehearse some answers, but do not memorize.
During your interview preparation you must keep in mind your main ideas you would like to transmit, but you have to avoid learning them by heart, because your performance could be unnatural.

4. They have all the information about you, do the same.
You must research some information about the Company. A good analysis of organizational culture, the position you are applying to and your career plan is important both for asking questions that are truly relevant for you and for making a good impression.

5. Arrive ten minutes before, not an hour earlier.
If you arrive too early, wait outside the bulding. In this way, you can avoid pressuring the interviewer.

6. Speak positively and as a self-confident person.
Your attitude in a job interview should be attractive to your listener. You must speak in a good mood, with positive sentences. This is how your body language will be perfect.

7. The interviewer could offer you the job.
Be nice with him/her, even if some the questions make you feel uncomfortable. He/ She is the person who decides among a list of applicants.

8. Take time to prepare your answer.
Do not be afraid of remaining silent for a few minutes to think about your answer. In an informal conversation, you take time to think, so it is not unreasonable in an interview either.

9. Breathe, breathe, breathe
Breathing is the only way to control those signs of nerves like turning red, sweaty hands, shaky voice… When we are in a tense situation, we hold our breath as frightened person does and it causes those signs.

10. Accept you can make mistakes
Perfect job interviews do not exist. You can make mistakes, so in that moment you must go on and keep your self-confidence.

Ana Castán
HR Analytics Departament
Acciona Human Resources

We’re betting on local hiring for ACCIONA’s expansion in Brazil

Brazil is a strategic country that holds a number of business opportunities for our main Divisions dedicated to energy, infrastructure and water. From the outset of our activities in the country, back in 1996, we’ve made a fivefold increase in local hiring, the business portfolio has increased twelve-fold and our local workforce has tripled. These are just a few of our main projects in Brazil, most of which belong to our infrastructures arm:

• Design and construction of the outer seawalls of the shipyard at the port of Açu (São João da Barra, Rio de Janeiro).
• The construction of Banco Santander’s LatAm Data Processing Center, in Campinas (São Paulo).
• The Design, Build, Finance and Operation concession for the BR 393 toll road, a 200km roadway that runs between the states of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro).

Our team fosters the values of environmental respect and social responsibility; together with our innovative and pioneering vision, they enable us to help society grow and develop. We are looking for qualified people with a similar outlook and we’re betting on hiring people from where the projects are located and the surrounding area. This way, we aim to help create jobs in the region. If you’re interested in working at ACCIONA, take a look at the vacancies available and send us your CV through our Employment Channel.

Gerardo Lara
Human Resources ACCIONA S.A.

Committed to jobs for the differently-abled

ACCIONA is firmly committed to equal opportunities in every sense of the term and the Company has a range of programs, internal procedures and measures in place to ensure a discrimination-free working environment that encourages and nurtures diversity. Thanks to the “Inserta” agreement signed in 2007 along with Spain’s Fundación ONCE (recently renewed), ACCIONA will be hiring a total 350 differently-abled people over the next four years. In 2012, 65 differently-abled people have joined the Company. In fact, ACCIONA’s commitment to ensure that differently-abled people make up 3% of the workforce through direct employment or alternative means is now formally part of the Company’s strategic objectives.

Francisco Crespo, Head of Diversity, ACCIONA.

ACCIONA’s Code of Conduct

Ensure ethical conduct in our day-to-day activity, provide a
safe and healthy working environment, foster collaboration and
commitment to ACCIONA among our people and third parties, ensure
equal opportunities for all and demand “zero tolerance” towards
conducts involving discrimination, harassment and corruption. These
are the rules that govern the conduct of all of us who work at
ACCIONA and which make up our commitment to a model of sustainable

The Code of Conduct sets out to lay down the values that must
guide the conduct of everyone who works at ACCIONA. They help to
guide the relationships between employees and, in turn, their
relationships with customers, shareholders, suppliers and external
collaborators and with public and private institutions and society
at large. The latest version is now available on our website. We’d
welcome your opinions and comments.

Juan Manuel Cruz
Executive Director of HR Administration


Meeting with ACCIONA next Tuesday from 12:00 to 13:00 (CET)

Just like an online mass media channel when they allow users to
chat with a celebrity directly through their website, we’ve decided
to set up the first “Meeting with
” in our Facebook profile for employment (

The idea is for you to ask any questions you may have on the
selection process and employment search tips (how to improve your
CV, how to get ready for a job interview, etc.).

If you like the idea and want to participate, we encourage you
to access to this link and next Tuesday, between 12:00 and 13:00
use the event’s wall to make all your comments. Everyone’s very

Human Resources – ACCIONA S.A.

What do you most value in a company?

This month we learned that ACCIONA is the Spanish company of
choice for engineering students, according to the Graduate Barometer
2010 Engineering Edition

Surveys help us to gather the opinion of most of the
respondents. In this particular case, we have come out really well
among the 9,000 students who took part in the survey, and we are
proud of it. However, we are aware that there will be minority
views that were not reflected and people who have not been able to
participate but who have much to contribute.

Because we are continuously on the lookout for opportunities for
improvement, we would like to know your opinion: What do
you most value the most in a company, something you believe we
should take special care of?
Wages, relationships with
supervisors; the working environment, social benefits -child care,
dining-, flexible schedules, etc. are just some of the things that
could be taken into consideration.

Gerardo Lara
Human Resources ACCIONA S.A.

2.0 Resources in the new training model

ACCIONA‘s new training model for
offers a multitude of learning resources:
videos, podcasts, virtual classrooms, e-learning pills and, now,
forums to let students exchange their views.

Staff can now use the Virtual
to access the training resources, which are based on
four main areas: technical, functional, skills and language
training. We’re pleased to say that the initiative has been very
well received.

What do you think – to what extent should the Company worry
about employee training? Do you know any other examples of training
models that you’d like to share?

Juan Antonio Fernández Cerrato
Human Resources ACCIONA S.A.

The importance of listening to employees

Sometimes we spend more time speaking than listening. This also
tends to occur in companies: more often than not, companies do
not listen to employees, who really are the most
helpful because they know both the benefits and areas for
improvement. Addressing external communication only,
neglecting the internal, means missing out on a great
opportunity: a satisfied and committed employee will achieve better
results and will become a company’s best ambassador.

In ACCIONA we conducted a Satisfaction
and Engagement survey to analyze the degree of satisfaction of
our employees and the results have been positive: 88% of
employees are committed to the results of the company and 85%
are proud to work at ACCIONA.

Participation is essential – it helps to change things that do
not work. When you are invited to take part in a survey,
do you take time to fill it in?  Are you aware that the
views of many employees can transform your company?
Deputy Director General, Corporate Resources

Internal mobility: a new job without changing the company

Although professional development depends on each one, the
Personnel Department can also help make it happen. Actually, we
facilitate an internal mobility system allowing ACCIONA employees
to apply on their own initiative for new job opportunities arising
within the Company through an internal selection process.

The opportunity could come up in the same department or location
but it always means a change. In any case, those who have already
been transferred have had a very positive experience and they
strongly recommend it to the rest of their colleagues. In the end,
it signifies a new job but without changing company.

What is your opinion about internal mobility? Do you appreciate
companies offering the opportunity?
Human Resources ACCIONA S.A.