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Headhunters: Five reasons to speak with them

If you are thinking about changing jobs, it is important to pay attention to the companies specialised in searching for and selecting professionals, known as headhunters.

Below are five reasons why you should speak to headhunters as part of your search for new opportunities:

1. Specialised in executives and managers

In addition to being professionals with vast experience in business and management positions, headhunters often have knowledge of psychology, finance and administration, giving them valuable tools to find excellent candidates.

2. Understanding of the sector and company needs.

Headhunters analyse the needs of the company and combine them with their knowledge of the sector and useful skills in their area of business to find the best executive.

3. Extensive contact networks.

This is essential for reaching the ideal professionals to fill high-ranking positions. Headhunters’ contact networks often extend to various business sectors and numerous countries: it’s good to be included in them.

4.  Objective assessment.

Headhunting companies regularly use an objective assessment methodology in which candidates can demonstrate their skills and competencies, ensuring the ultimate selection the most qualified executives.

5. Career support

Headhunters usually follow the professional development of the executives they select and may even keep them in mind for future opportunities.


Juan Antonio Fernández
Head of Talent – ACCIONA

Five steps to improve your organisational skills

1. Sort: separate out anything that is unnecessary. Eliminate anything from your work that serves no purpose and arrange your tasks according to how urgent they are.

2. Order: Put some order in your work area and arrange things so you can find them easily.

3. Clear up: keep your work area tidy Get rid of anything you no longer need.

4. Standardise: Standardise some of your work processes and tasks, and create one system for locating the things you use most. This increases your productivity and reduces the time you spend on tasks.

5. Be consistent: Incorporate the tips above so that you can achieve your goals.
Laura Alcaraz Escribano
Development Department- ACCIONA Human Resources

How highly do you value experience?

There is a story about a hare and a tortoise. They challenge each other to a race. The hare has one particularly excellent quality – speed. Even so, will it be enough?  However, the tortoise lacks that quality he is, in fact, rather clumsy and slow by nature. Even so, he accepts the challenge.
Who do you think will win?

The tortoise wins the race:
• he identifies opportunities along the way (small short-cuts)
• he keeps spending under control (controlled energy consumption)
• he has experience (contact with the real world)
• he plans ahead, estimates how long it will take him to reach the finishing line.

The hare loses the race:
o His over-confidence distracts him from the goal
o He ignores his adversary because of his own skill and speed
o He doesn’t plan ahead and gets lost trying to find the right path He progresses by trial and error
o He gets to the finishing line but slowly and not without difficulty

Only those who are capable of converting their knowledge and past experience into practical results achieve their goals and obtain success in all their endeavours.

Laura Alcaraz Escribano
Development Dep. Recursos Humanos ACCIONA S.A.

One of the premises. Never stop learning

More and more frequently, we encounter news, posts and comments about “the professions of the future”, “the top 10 in-demand jobs for the years to come”, “future work skills”, etc. as we travel down the jobseeker road.

Allow me to share with you something I read recently in a book about learning. This book makes a comparison between birds and humans. Nobody has to teach the birds to fly south or how to get where they are going, while we have to check calendars, maps and GPS devices. Birds instinctively know how to look after their young, while we need to consult books on childcare, ask for help on nappy changing, etc. Birds instinctively know how to build their homes, while we need to learn how to build walls, ceilings and/or pay someone else to do that work for us. We live in a constant state of beta.
Even so, we humans are the creatures that rule the world, we build enormous skyscrapers to their feeble nests, we learn to look after our children better day by day and the human race becomes stronger, taller and healthier generation after generation.

There are a few conclusions to be reached from this metaphor: we humans are flexible and adapt to our surroundings – traits that are increasingly more important in a person and key to all present and future job candidates.
European jobs are not disappearing, as is sometimes thought. In fact, there are even estimates that say there will be more jobs in 2020 – with a special emphasis on qualified positions in professions with a high demand for knowledge and skill.

Because one of the premises is you, companies will keep searching for and recruiting the best talent that will enable them to maintain their leadership status and because we have decided not to be birds. Never stop learning.


José Miguel Baeza
ACCIONA Corporate Training Department

Meeting with ACCIONA next Tuesday from 12:00 to 13:00 (CET)

Just like an online mass media channel when they allow users to
chat with a celebrity directly through their website, we’ve decided
to set up the first “Meeting with
” in our Facebook profile for employment (

The idea is for you to ask any questions you may have on the
selection process and employment search tips (how to improve your
CV, how to get ready for a job interview, etc.).

If you like the idea and want to participate, we encourage you
to access to this link and next Tuesday, between 12:00 and 13:00
use the event’s wall to make all your comments. Everyone’s very

Human Resources – ACCIONA S.A.

What do you most value in a company?

This month we learned that ACCIONA is the Spanish company of
choice for engineering students, according to the Graduate Barometer
2010 Engineering Edition

Surveys help us to gather the opinion of most of the
respondents. In this particular case, we have come out really well
among the 9,000 students who took part in the survey, and we are
proud of it. However, we are aware that there will be minority
views that were not reflected and people who have not been able to
participate but who have much to contribute.

Because we are continuously on the lookout for opportunities for
improvement, we would like to know your opinion: What do
you most value the most in a company, something you believe we
should take special care of?
Wages, relationships with
supervisors; the working environment, social benefits -child care,
dining-, flexible schedules, etc. are just some of the things that
could be taken into consideration.

Gerardo Lara
Human Resources ACCIONA S.A.

2.0 Resources in the new training model

ACCIONA‘s new training model for
offers a multitude of learning resources:
videos, podcasts, virtual classrooms, e-learning pills and, now,
forums to let students exchange their views.

Staff can now use the Virtual
to access the training resources, which are based on
four main areas: technical, functional, skills and language
training. We’re pleased to say that the initiative has been very
well received.

What do you think – to what extent should the Company worry
about employee training? Do you know any other examples of training
models that you’d like to share?

Juan Antonio Fernández Cerrato
Human Resources ACCIONA S.A.

Season’s Greetings

From ACCIONA we would like to wish you the Season’s
Greetings in a special way…

Christmas 2010 Eng

The importance of listening to employees

Sometimes we spend more time speaking than listening. This also
tends to occur in companies: more often than not, companies do
not listen to employees, who really are the most
helpful because they know both the benefits and areas for
improvement. Addressing external communication only,
neglecting the internal, means missing out on a great
opportunity: a satisfied and committed employee will achieve better
results and will become a company’s best ambassador.

In ACCIONA we conducted a Satisfaction
and Engagement survey to analyze the degree of satisfaction of
our employees and the results have been positive: 88% of
employees are committed to the results of the company and 85%
are proud to work at ACCIONA.

Participation is essential – it helps to change things that do
not work. When you are invited to take part in a survey,
do you take time to fill it in?  Are you aware that the
views of many employees can transform your company?
Deputy Director General, Corporate Resources

Internal mobility: a new job without changing the company

Although professional development depends on each one, the
Personnel Department can also help make it happen. Actually, we
facilitate an internal mobility system allowing ACCIONA employees
to apply on their own initiative for new job opportunities arising
within the Company through an internal selection process.

The opportunity could come up in the same department or location
but it always means a change. In any case, those who have already
been transferred have had a very positive experience and they
strongly recommend it to the rest of their colleagues. In the end,
it signifies a new job but without changing company.

What is your opinion about internal mobility? Do you appreciate
companies offering the opportunity?
Human Resources ACCIONA S.A.