Internal mobility: a new job without changing the company

Although professional development depends on each one, the
Personnel Department can also help make it happen. Actually, we
facilitate an internal mobility system allowing ACCIONA employees
to apply on their own initiative for new job opportunities arising
within the Company through an internal selection process.

The opportunity could come up in the same department or location
but it always means a change. In any case, those who have already
been transferred have had a very positive experience and they
strongly recommend it to the rest of their colleagues. In the end,
it signifies a new job but without changing company.

What is your opinion about internal mobility? Do you appreciate
companies offering the opportunity?
Human Resources ACCIONA S.A.

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  1. kuikailer/

    In spite of a large comment: both company and worker benefit from the synergy teaching/learning from each other in the process. I see no negative side besides time.

    Congrats to let us know.

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